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Can a Left-handed Person do Calligraphy?

Calligraphy pen

Yes, lefties can do calligraphy. How different is it for a left-hander to do calligraphy than for a right-hander?

Resources for left-handed calligraphy practitioners are limited. However, with a few people wanting to help left-handed calligraphers, we can develop some tips, tools, and resources to help them out.

As with anything in life, proper practice, resources, tools, and help allow you to accomplish nearly anything.

Tips for Left-Handed Calligraphers

  1. Keep your mind on Creating. Live in the moments of creation, not what you are creating. In other words, focus on the work, not the end product. Doing this will allow you to learn better and improve your skills. 
  2. Set yourself up for success. Make sure to have a big enough workspace. Give yourself plenty of room on each side and in front of you to practice arm movement writing.
  3. Find other left-handed calligraphers. There are several experienced lefty calligraphers here with whom you can connect.
  4. Find a grip that is comfortable for you.
  5. Have the Proper Tools. 
  6. You Don’t Need a Fancy Pen
  7. Find Your Favorite Pen and Nib Combination
  8. Learn the proper way to hold and use these tools. You will have better success if you learn to use your tools right. So, it’s a good idea to do that.
  9. Have a positive mindset.  It takes time to learn a new skill. Just because you are left-handed doesn’t mean all advice will work for you. You will have to experiment and tweak things to find what works for you.
  10. Beginners All Face Struggles When Learning Calligraphy
  11. Find resources and share them with other lefties. 
  12. Keep Practicing

Tools for Calligraphy

Before you learn calligraphy, you need the right tools. Below we’ll look at some of the best tools for lefties suggested by lefties.

Pointed Pen Calligraphy


Each of the lefty calligraphers I read about stated they prefer straight holders for their pen nibs. They said that the oblique holders didn’t feel right in their hands, but the straight holders felt more natural and easier to control. It was suggested that those who are just starting to try the Speedball straight holder. This holder is a reasonable price for beginners and does the job nicely.


Nibs are the metal tip that goes into your holder and holds the ink so that you may write.

·   Brause 511

·   Brause 66ef

·   Brause Rose

·   Gilliot 1068a

·   Hunt 101

·   Tachikawa G

·   Vintage Esterbrook

·   Zebra G


  • Gouch ink dries faster and is less likely to smudge.
  • Moon Palace Black Sumi Ink
  • Watercolor: Finetec palette


  • Regular printer paper for practice
  • Rhodia notepads

Brush Calligraphy

This type of calligraphy is done with brush pens. Here are some suggested brushes for lefties.

  • Aquash Water Brush
  • Daiso Gold and Black Fude Pen
  • Daiso Platinum Brush
  • Daiso Red Chiyogami Fude Pen
  • Daiso Zebra Brush
  • Princeton Select round tip
  • Tombow dual brush pens
  • Tombow Fudenosuke soft tip

Where to Shop for Calligraphy Supplies

You may be able to find local shops that sell these items. However, I added a few online places. So again, you can do your research to find the best place to purchase supplies.

Left Handed Calligraphers to Follow

·  Chalked by Mabz’s Instagram page @chalkedbymabz

·  Elisabeth Young’s Instagram page @elisaannecalligraphy

·  Jessie of @inkerellacards 

·  Joann of @theinkcodr 

·  John DeCollibus’ Basic tips for Left-Handed Calligraphers

·  Kathleen of @kathleenprumo

·  Lauren of @renmadecalligraphy

·  Sarah Pearson’s Instagram page @theinkyhand


We have discovered that left-handers can do calligraphy. It may be a bit more challenging to learn for a left-hander as we all have our unique way of writing, whether it’s regular writing for a note or homework or if it’s something fancy like calligraphy. Lefties are used to making due and making their own rules for how they do things. Calligraphy is no different. If you are a lefty and want to do calligraphy, follow the tips in this article and take it from there to find your way. Focus on the journey of creation and not the end product. Once you find your path, the destination will follow.

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