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Is There Such a Thing as a Left-Handed Laptop?

left handed laptop

The answer to this question is no. There is no laptop specifically for left-handers. However, there are ways to set up your computer using the mousepad or a left-handed external mouse. That is all you need to do to make your laptop left-hand-friendly. There are also external number pads if you need to use the number pad left-handed. Left-handed keyboards are also available.

As with anything in life for lefties, there is an element of adaptation. As left-handers, we learn that early in life. Sometimes, things made for left-handed people are more trouble than they are worth. So, without further ado, we will go through the steps you can take to set up your mousepad or external mouse to make it work left-handed.

 How To Set Your Mouse or Mousepad

 Using Settings

 Windows 10 and 11

  1.  Click on start and then settings. 
Microsoft start up
  1. Click on devices, then mouse in Windows 10. In Windows 11, select Bluetooth & devices, then click mouse on the right.
Microsoft settings

Microsoft mouse settings
  1. On the right side, from where you click mouse, you can change your mouse buttons set up from left to right. This makes the right-side button on your mouse usable by clicking with your left index finger. Windows 11: in the mouse window, next to the primary mouse button, you should change it from left to right.
mouse settings

Using Control Panel

Windows 10 and 11

1. Type cpl or control panel into the search window at the bottom of your computer screen.

2. Click on control panel. It should be the top result.

Control panel

3. Once the Control Panel is open, click Hardware and Sound. In Windows 11, change the control panel view to large icons in the top-right corner.

control panel 1

4. Under Devices and printers, click on mouse. In Windows 11, click on the mouse option from the list of items.

5. When the mouse Properties opens, check the box that says switch primary and secondary buttons. Click OK.

Mac OS

1. Click the Apple icon  in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Choose system settings from the menu.

3. Click mouse.

4. The next step depends on the type of mouse you are using.

  • Apple Magic Mouse: Click the drop-down menu under secondary click and check click on left side.
  • Non-Apple mouse: Under primary mouse button, select right.

External Peripherals For The Best Left-Handed Setup

External Mouse

You can purchase an external mouse if you don’t want to use the mousepad already on your laptop. They range from cheap ambidextrous types to those ergonomic models made for left-handers.

Logitech M650

This Logitech M650 is made for lefties with large hands. It is made to be quiet, has customizable side buttons, and connects through Bluetooth. It is compatible with multiple devices.

Logitech Lift Left Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

This mouse is an excellent fit for those lefties with small to medium hands. It is made with a bit of lift, so your hand is tilted more naturally while using it. This mouse has a soft, textured grip and thumb rest to feel soothing and relaxed while you work. It has an easy-to-reach customizable button, quiet clicks, and a SmartWheel for smooth scrolling. This mouse connects via Bluetooth or wireless USB. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, IPadOS, ChromeOS, and Linux.


External Number Pad

If you’d prefer to use a number pad on the left side of your computer, you can purchase an external number pad for number input. Most of us don’t use number pads in our daily work, but some jobs require numbers input as part of the work.

If you are left-hand dominant, these may be an option for you. Unfortunately, most number pads aren’t set up directionally for lefties. In other words, you’ll have to learn the number pad backward if this makes sense. If you are a true lefty, you’ll understand what I mean by backward.

This number pad is one of the simplest they sell. You can find it here.

The number pad has some more features and costs a bit more. It connects via Bluetooth and is rechargeable. This keypad is compatible with Windows 7/ 8/ 10 and Android. [NOTE: Due to Mac OS being a unique system, the page up, page down, search, screenshot, and ins keys won’t work with Mac, but other keys and number keys can work well]. You can find it here.

These peripherals are the best way to set up your laptop for left-handers.


Okay, so that does it. The steps at the beginning of the article tell you how to set up your laptop with or without an external mouse to work left-handed. I added a couple of external mice and a couple of external number pads in case that is a direction you’d want to go.

Unfortunately, we found out that there is no left-handed laptop available out there. As we know, most items in this world are made for righties and not lefties. So we left-handers have to make do with what we’ve got. However, that makes us flexible, creative, and inventive. Do you have options you’ve tried for making your laptop more compatible with your left hand? Are you like some of us older lefties and just teach yourself how to do these things with your right hand? Let us know your thoughts, and leave a comment below.

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